I wanna ask this guy if he wants to come to church with me but I think I asked him to hang out too many times:/

I wanna ask this guy to come to church with me but I don't wanna seem to pushy.. Should I just be patient and wait for his text on when we should hang out? Here's our text convo to give a little background..

Me:Ben!:) can you still hang out?

Him: Yeah I can, I don't know exactly when this week. Can I let you know?

Me: Ok..:)

(next day)

Him: I might be free Thursday...still not sure though. are u? Sorry, I actually made ally of plans this week but I think Thursday works

Me: It's fine. If you can't just let me know.. do you know what time you can hang out?

Him: still not sure Haha sorry

Me: It's fine.. if you can just let me know. Hope your doing well:)

Him:Hey annete, wanna have lunch tomorrow?

Me: Yea sure..:) can you pick me up again?

Him: Sure Would one o clock be okay?

Me: Yea that's fine.. just text me when you leave. See you later then:)

Him: Hey Annette, I'm really sorry but is there anyway we can reschedule? I think I caught the flu... (an hour later) I'm sorry:/

Me:Dont be sorry.. It's fine:) I hope your OK and you get better tho! yea we reschedule.. Just tell me when your good:)

Him: Alright, if not this weekend, maybe the next?

Me: ok:) and I hope you get better!

What do you think about the whole thing and my question. Advice greatly appreciated. Thank you:)

We have gone out before.. He was the one that initiated everything. When I got home afterward I texted him thank you and he said no problem text me if you wanna do it again so I did


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  • I don't want to sound rude, but you seem desperate. You can never give a guy, a way out of a meeting you two agreed on. You told him that he if he can't make it to Thursday meeting it's fine, you should never do that. Never tell a guy it's OK if they can't make it to a date even before scheduling it. Also, you did ask him too many times for a meeting. By now he probably thinks, it's OK to cancel a date with you anytime he wants. Show him that you got disappointed from him when he didn't make it to the meeting. This will tell him not to take you for granted and it will simply inform him that you mind being stood up. Hope it is useful ;-)

    • Ugh. I see.. But Should I ask him to hangout(church) again? Or just leave it..

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    • Ha.. Because he's leaving for school On Monday and that's the only convenient place? Ha idk. Thanks btw.. Sorry for the questions but what do mean by small talk.. Like how he's doing?

    • Yeah just like how are you and talk about your day to him. Its also good to text at night and just talk about random stuff, we tend to think its cool talking to a chick late night (even though it's just texting). I know you don't have to say, this is how we are. Also laugh at his jokes (some may not even be funny) and don't compliment him unless he does first (it's a power play thing, I still don't get it but this is how we are) ;-)

  • He doesn't want to go to church... find something else to do with him... maybe once you get your relationship along further... he'll want to go to church... now he is afraid to tell you no, because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.


    • What do you mean by he doesn't to hurt my feelings? And I haven't asked him to go to church.. I was going to ask him. So you think it's OK to ask him to hangout again?

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