Should I Pursue Her or Not?

I have been dating a girl for about 6 months. Last month (DEC) she became busy with work and moving. While she was home for Thanksgiving she said she was falling for me. I have to admit I have fallen pretty hard. I told her her love was all I was after. A couple weeks later I told her I loved her she said the same. During the holidays she was busy seeing friends and family and I gave her her space. She has been distant for the last couple weeks but I am still able to get her to respond to texts and have good conversations. I am not a text nazi just creative. She is a strong driven professional like me. We used to work together that's where it started. I think she likes the same things in me that I like in her. I am not a puppy I have my own things going too. And having seen her in action I know she would say its over if it were. I have just been trying to get responses from her and flirt a little. Which seems to be working. I am asking because I have searched every situation I can think of about relationships and mine doesn't seem to fit. She came on very strong for the first five months. After the "love" she has cooled. Does she want me to pursue her? I think yes but not like a puppy..

We are getting married.


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  • Yes I think you should keep pursuing her but like you just said not like a puppy.. I don't really see a problem here but if there is less communication well just talk about it. It's not gonna be perfect all the time but it doesn't mean she doesn't love you.

    • Can you answer mine? Haha.. It's right below yours:) "I wanna ask this guy if he wants to come to church with me but I think I've asked to hang out to many times:/"

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