Am I Making A Big Deal Over This Texting Thing?

We have good conversations, he doesn't reply with one word answers or seem disinterested . . He just doesn't exactly hit me up either like I do when I want to talk to him . . Is it because he has too much pride, doesn't want to seem desperate, clingy or needy or because he's not interested ? . . Also is it just a guy thing not texting first or does it depend on the guy ? . . Am I making this to much of a big deal and over thinking it ? . . Should I wait for him to text me, just text him or forget it all together and let time deal with it ?


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  • How long have you been 'talking'? Depends...If you haven't been talking that long, he could just not want to seem clingy OR he is playing a game where he wants you to think he is valuable


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  • How is his personality (shy, quiet, talkative, bold..etc)? Also were is he from?

    • His personality is out going and talkative he's an extrovert, whenever he's around me tho he goes into like introvert mode and gets all shy & quiet on me & I don't know if that's because I make him nervous or what . . & he's from ny

    • He is interested in you. Also, not texting first is just his way of staying in control of the relationship. Some guys who are so outgoing and talkative have a lot of insecurities when it comes to relations. Because they are so friendly they are always in fear of the friend zone. That's most likely his case. Make the messages a bit kinky and he will always text you first (you don't have to). Also wanted to know if your openly flirting with him or not?

    • At first I wasn't openly flirting with him I was just texting him the way I would any one and I'm working on flirty texting him more, I occassionally do it but I don't always openly flirt with him

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  • Does he know you care about talking to him this much?

    If he does, and he still doesn't text first occasionally... he is a douche, and isn't interested.

    If he doesn't just bluntly tell him to text you first.

    :) I did it :D worked

    I also told the dude I was talking to to never lag on responses.

    Now when I don't respond in the matter of 10 mins, he sends 123453423423590584635 texts calling me a lag :)

    • I think he has an idea but I don't think he knows :/ . & I think I'm going to have to take your advice and just let him know that I went him to text me first sometimes too :)

    • Goodluck :] and I know it will work. Plus guys like blunt girls.

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