Girls: what advice would you give a man who constantly gets rejected by women every single day?

Just to keep trying and you'll find someone?

Humans learn that when you touch the hot stove you get burned, why touch it again?

Yeah this isn't me.

This is for someone else.

So bash me all you want.

This is not "asking women out" every single day.

Were talking getting the cold shoulder, getting ignored, or anything.

Walking up and saying hi and women telling him to piss off.

That sort of thing.

It would be obviously stupid to walk up to women every day and say "hey want to go out?"

Im not going to tell anyone that kind of advice since its obviously not what I meant.


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  • i would say he probably might want to either improve his appearance or lower the caliber of women he tries to get with. most guys don't think looks are as important as they really are. I don't blame them tho because a lot of women will say "looks don't matter" or "personality matters more" and other guys will tell them "all you neeed is game man" but they forget to add that a more attractive guy will have an advantage. nobody has a 100% success rate, but if a guy gets rejected ALL THE TIME he is probably not good looking at all, or at least not good looking to the women he's trying to get with

    • You obviously don't know what it is to be on the other side. A man can be tall, handsome and highly athletic and STILL face constant rejection. All a woman has to do is look good and be where men are. She will be accepted by the opposite sex automatically! For men it isn't that easy! Men have to do a lot more than just look good. They have to be interesting, exiting, confident, funny and many other things and they can STILL get rejected on a woman's whim!

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  • keep trying! there are 7 billion people on the Earth, you're bound to find at least one woman if not more who are kind and considerate.

  • stop asking out random women every single day and start getting some standards


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  • If you want to touch the stove, there's a right way and a wrong way.

    Turn it off, and wait for it to cool. Then touch it all you want. Ta-Dah! Easy when you know how, and now no more burned fingers for you.

    Getting rejected by women? Again, there's a right way and wrong way to approach them.

    Now, if ONLY there was some place you could go to ask for help in learning the difference between the two...