ANY ADVICE is good. Should I message him or not?

Alright so last night I picked up a guy I have liked for a while. I think he likes to just have a bit of fun with girls but he talked like 'when you meet my dad you will understand' he got kicked out and waited for me to come out and my friend left he got my number of her anyway he walked me home and we sat down and and kissed for hours and talked for hours. my question is should I message him or not?


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  • I maybe of a whole different mindset.

    But I do not subscribe to a predetermined communication schedule.

    IE: "Don't call her for at least 7 days and three hours man. Just don't"

    Everything is good in moderation. When ever I hook up with a chick and it was good. Then she or I will initiate contact the next day. ALWAYS. If not, then it obviously wasn't good.

    I'd contact him if you liked that night. But don't bug. One message at a time. And talk to him if the messages get long. Voice is more intimate than text. I hate it when chicks hide behind cryptic text messages and also when they analyze my text messages.

  • i think this is a decision that you should make for yourself. Don't let anyone tell you what you 'should' do, its best to follow your gut instincts with these things. If he seemed like a nice and trustworthy guy GREAT, give him a shot. If he seemed like he just wanted booty, just move on.


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