Why did my sister find this necessary to tell me?

My one younger sister told me

"I appreciate the relationship advice after you met my boyfriend. But bro, you aren't getting any younger. Haven't you ever stopped to ask yourself why you've only had one serious girlfriend in your life at age 26? Since you were harsh and "real" with me, I will be the same. She is dead, and you need to move on and let go.

You spend too much time alone, it isn't healthy. At the same time the kind of girls that you want are the kind you can't have, because they want outgoing, affectionate men. The kind of girls that like guys like you are usually just after a one-night fling.

You come across as too stoic, cold and kind of scary. My boyfriend asked what kind of guy you are, and said he was a little creeped out by how quiet you are. I had to answer him that I have no idea what you like to do or what sort of friends you have. Do you have any? You aren't even on Facebook and only 3 numbers are in your cell phone. Where do you even go at night? Why do you spend so much time at that temple if you don't believe?"

My sister seems to have a misplaced concern for me, but is it really normal for people to have a lot of girlfriends by my age? Why is it a girl would only want me for a fling?


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  • If she found it necessary to tell you that and you guys are reasonably close, then there must be some truth to it. Try not to brush it off so much. I think the concern lies in the parts beyond just not having had a girlfriend.


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