Sudden loss of interest or just too busy?

I met a guy online, we messaged and chatted spread out for over a month before we met. After the first date, we set up a second a few days later, had a great time. We have text since, both of us had initiated, I initiated last and he responded pretty quickly that he couldn't really chat... then all of a sudden nothing for days. I know he is busy, he mentioned it the last time I text him, but we were talking/texting every day after our first meeting. Should I continue to hold off on contacting him and see if he is still interested and was just busy? Or would it be OK to attempt to contact him again? He's a great guy, I don't want to blow it.


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  • IMO, if he value you he will definitely hit you up after your last encounter. Probably something came up and he can no longer catch up with you. Better wait and message him soon if his doing good or what.