Am I looking for a rebound?

So long story short I went through a really bad breakup in a relationship that was basically over a month before we officially went our own ways. The official breakup was December 1st. Recently I've been flirting with a few guys and one of them asked me out. I had a terrible New Years because of my ex and I'm tired of feeling like cr@p and not being happy. Especially since the relationship wasn't great to begin with. I'm still in the process of taking my power back from my ex because he left me heartbroken.

It's not that I'm not interested in him, but I'm just worried that if I go out with him I'm making him the rebound guy. Any advice or opinions? This guy doesn't really know about my last relationship so is it really fair to go out with him if he doesn't know? Guys, how would you feel about going on a date with a girl in this situation?


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  • I'd go out with the girl, but I would be extra weary about being "attached".

    I would probably consider myself the rebound guy...and wouldn't expect very much from the relationship.


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