This guy used to text me daily, now he doesn't ask anything anymore

A couple of days ago I posted a topic about how to keep things interesting with a guy via text.

Well, I think I failed, lol. I still hear him almost everyday, but we talk about...nothing. Like today, I texted him his holiday was over and I had mine in a month from now, he answered, so did I and his answer was: sure :)

This has happened a couple of times, that it seems like he wants to stop the conversation (ok, they're not that interesting but all I do is study Because I got exams) a lot.

It's like, one day he's good, we text, we ask questions and a couple of days later it's like he's: oh yeah, you exist too, hm, won't bother texting that much with you for a while, and then again he's nice...

Ugh, I don't know why I "worry" about this, I don't even know him that long. Maybe Because guys don't give me attention that much and I just been rejected that I need a guy to make me feel funny and wanted? I don't know.

But it would be nice to have a good conversation with him, even if it is through messaging. I just don't know how Because when I ask him something, he just answers and doesn't ask anything back anymore, which he did in the beginning.


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  • Tell him about this. I mean, tell him that you very much like to talk to him, but when he actually reply. Ask him f he want's to talk to you. You'll probably get answer that is more clear.

    • I just met him once but I kinda want to get to know him better, but I don't wanna "jump on him too soon", you know? Like taking time, getting to know each other, stuff like that. I feel like, when I text him how I think, he'll think that I'm moving too soon, which I would think too, so I don't know... He probably knows I like texting him because I answer back quite fast and if he doesn't text, I text him first..

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    • You see! I didn't know he wishes you good night. I cannot make a best judgement. You can :D.

      Then perhaps you could slip in subtly that you'd like to talk more or that you hope to meet him a little more. In such way that he'll get a feeling that you like that but won't feel any pressure.

    • Yeah, I texted him that we should go see a movie when my exams are over and we can go work out together (cuz he goes to the gym alot). So I hope he knows...

  • seems like you really enjoy texting him but he has already lost interest in you. he was texting you before because he was interested in you. he probably moved on to someone else or lost interest in you and so should you.

    best of luck(:

    • So I should just stop texting him? or how could I get his interest back?

      I told him it's a bit boring lately because I can't go out or anything because of the studying. he probably thinks I'm a boring dork :/

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