How can I react to him to show I'm interested but not into chasing?

There's a guy at school that I talk to a little every day. He's very outgoing. Last night I went to an event at which a lot of people from school attended and when he walked past the section we were all sitting in he said hi to a bunch of people but walked right past me without even a nod. I thought that was kind of weird. Then I noted that every time he was within sight of me, he would look over and give me this look that looked like his bedroom eyes or something hahah but still no hello. I think he was trying to make me a little jealous of his attention so he could see my reaction and see if I tried harder to catch it. How can I react in the future to show him that I am interested but not where I'm going to chase after him like some other girls do.


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  • You can't. His game is too good. Either that or ignore him and hopefully he'll come to you and not other girls.

    • Yeah I think he's got it down lol. I'll just act like I normally do and see what happens. I figure he's probably got so many girls after him that if I act into him I'll just be another one of them. I don't have a crush on him anyway so I'll just wait and see

    • I'd let him go. Yeah all the girls love him why be one of those girls? Like you need to ignore him completely otherwise he won't come to you. Act naturally and he'll forget soon.

    • If you have a second, can you message me? I have a question maybe you can help? Thanks for the BA.

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