How do I make sure I "Take It Slow" in my new relationship?

I started a relationship with a girl yesterday, but she said she wants to take things slow. Like I asked about being Facebook official and she said next time we skype we'll do it together. I'm just trying to make sure I don't contact her too much and stuff. Any tips? I've never had a girlfriend before.


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  • If you're not familiar with things people typically do in relationships, do some research online or talk to friends about it. When I think "taking it slow," to me that means not rushing some of the relationship "milestones" that people tend to have:

    - Deciding whether you're dating seriously or just for fun

    - Getting physically intimate

    - Introducing her to your friends

    - Meeting each others' families

    To take it slow, just take your time getting to know the other person and getting to know when they're comfortable moving up to the next "steps". Don't pressure her to do things (like having sex or meeting your parents) because you're "supposed" to do those things - instead, wait until you both feel okay with it.

    Hope I helped, and congratulations on your new relationship!

  • Well, comunication is everything, it's much better if your couple is your friend also, someone you can trust, and talk about things freely, so whenever you feel like doing something, ask her if she'd like it, talk about the subject, how you both feel about it and decide, she shpuld know that she can do the same with you.


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