We kissed and it felt like we hadn't kissed before...

I've been going out with my boyfriend for a month and a half. We are both seniors, have gone to school with each other since freshman year. We've kissed a lot, done a lot but yesterday in the car we started making out and when our lips met and we started making out I felt this intense burst of energy...I felt so connected and it felt so good. I felt like everything was in slow motion, my every move was captured perfectly kissing him and it felt beautiful.

Even with the guys I've gone out with longer I never experienced what I felt. The whole night of intimacy felt so good and connected and I felt so long waited. We don't get time over the school week to kiss really so this was probably long anticipated and I really wanted to kiss him and we were horny but I just can't describe the feeling. I love him but I know it is too soon to be in love with him?


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  • Sounds like you just had a great kiss session. I wouldn't think much into it. Let things happen naturally. No need to give yourself more angst than you need.


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  • Had that happen before. Granted we were drunk/high... Don read too much into it.

  • Cool story...