Should I ask him if we are still doing our weekly thing?

so I like this guy and we have hung out a few times but he has yet to make an attempt of kissing me he always pays and drives...anyways I was out to dinner with old friends and I wasn't feeling good and that makes me cranky and I feel like I took it all out on him I feel so bad but since then I don't know its different its all one word answers and just weird when we text and I don't know how to fix it should I ask him if we are still doing our weekly thing even though I probably screwed it all up...thoughts? help!


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  • Did you at least apologize to the guy?

    • one friend who was their said it wasn't bad I was just fiesty and now if I apologize I feel like it looks weird because its been a few days now...

    • No babe, apologize to the guy and tell him you didn't mean to take out how you felt on him. I think the reason why it's weird and your getting short responses is because he wants an apology from you. I' ve learned that when you wrong someone you apologize, it's makes them feel better and it also makes you feel better.

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