Am I Asking too much too soon?

I have been seeing this guy for 6wks. We had the discussion on 2nd date of yes we were "dating" seeing other people, we also discussed once we were sleeping with someone we don't sleep with others! These were just general conversations taking place at the time!

In the first 3 wks he called or text everyday at least once a day! After becoming intimate with him he no longer makes contact every day! Sometimes going 3 days with out contact. He stated what he likes about me is that I'm not needy or clingy! I have asked (in a casual way) what happen, why he quit contacting me as he had in the past! He said that is just him! He enjoys not feeling like he has to report! OK it wasn't the first 3wks, but has become him!

He has continued to make contact randomly! He was here at my place last night spent the night, (We do live 1& 1/2 hrs apart) but had to leave early because his daughter was coming to visit today! I haven't gotten anything from him since he left at 6am!

No I'm not a needy person but feel, I am due some respect of a call or text, Am I wrong for feeling this way? We have not had the exclusive talk & I'm thinking he is still dating others! Do I address it at this point and risk making him think I am needy or clingy? How can I handle this without making him think I am, but also keep my self respect intact? I am new to this dating thing (after a 28 year marriage) at this age and really unsure!

Anyone's thoughts and suggestions will greatly help!


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  • I think you totally have the right to speak to him about it in a calm and casual manner.