What does a kiss feel like? Um this is embarrassing.

I am 18 years old and a guy never kiss me. It because guys do not really like to talk to me. So I never kiss a guy so I do not know the feeling but thinking about it makes me blush. I dreamt about kissing this guy I have a crush on for 3 years now but that is impossible because he does not like me. So what does it feels like?


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  • There are "Good" kisses/kissers, and "bad" kisses/kissers. So, it varies. If it's with the one you like/love/are attracted to, then it will be good or fun (but not all the time, they could be bad too.) It's an amazing feeling to kiss someone you like. If you're not attracted to the guy or he is bad (bad breath, biting, spit, etc.) then it's unpleasant. You just need to go with the flow when your time comes. There's no crash course in kissing. You will catch on to kissing and it might become your favorite pass time :)


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  • It depends on how much you like a guy, your time will come. My first time was amazing, I wasn't nervous at all for it, its hard to describe because its so natural. You don't need to take classes on how to kiss, its the chemistry you have with the person. But you do get this tingly feeling when you do and its just so amazing :)

  • Aww, it's okay! I didn't get my first kiss until I was 18 and it was so worth the wait! I wouldn't have changed it and had it earlier. It was perfect just the way it happened with the guy it happened with :)

    Some kisses really suck. The guy doesn't know wtf he's doing but he thinks he's so good so he won't stop and it's just horrible. Other kisses are so heavenly because he's got technique and the chemistry is amazing :)