How to get dates without bars?

I'm really in a state where a log term relationship wouldn't work because of me traveling in and out of town. This is going to be a heavy them in the years to come for me and I would like to think I could at least go on a date or ask a girl out once in a while so I don't have to be completely lonely. Just meeting people to talk would be great. However I find that without being in an official college, in high school, though still only twenty and having several months before I can go to bars, I have trouble finding places to meet girls.

I also find that when I do see/ talk to a girl I'd like to approach for a date or a number exchange or something I have trouble figuring out what to say; not because I'm shy per say, I'm very outgoing, but when I've generally asked for numbers or dates I usually get turned down.

So, I suppose the question is;

is there certain places that are better and or deemed appropriate places for meeting someone/getting a number?

For females, how do you like to be approached? What does or doesn't turn you off to that circumstance? (think around my age also)


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  • Join clubs which are to do with any hiobbies which you have. That way you know the girl shares simular interests and you can start a conversation that way.

    The other way is internet dating. It seems to be quite the thing to do now days. Again you can search for people with simular interests and start talking to people that way.

    If you do go for internet dating it is fine but you just need to be sensible and safe. Do not give out any personal address details, only meet some one in a well lit public place with lots of other people around and let someone know where you are.


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