Help me keep him to myself!

sounds a little bit selfish. sorry. this guy I asked out is a player. hooked up so many times with other girls I can't even count. I want to keep him for myself because he is sweet and charming. what things should I do to keep this guy for a little while? any flirting advice?

this is sorta sad to ask but can he change for me? I know I don't wanna change a guy but I want him to want to change for me.
hahaha yall were so right. he hooked up with another girl at the place I took him to.


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  • Dangle a hot dog in his face and pull it away at the last second. Make obvious sexual gestures but give him nothing.

    Also, if he does hook up with a lot of girls, none of this will be easy. My friend and I are multiple-girl type of guys...if a girl messes with us for too long, we leave. (Other options).

    • No, he's not going to change for you. Get it out of your head now and don't expect it. It'll benefit you in the end to think like this.

    • thanks for the truth. :)

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  • You cant. That's why he's a "player"...

  • i'm pregnant usally work lol =D


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