Guy I like got out of a long term (7) year relationship with a girl

I didn't know this but I think it's been quite a while since he's dated. I really like him and I don't judge someone based on their history. I am concerned though if he's over her or the whole ordeal.

I liked him before I knew this and I still do. It doesn't change my feelings. Any warnings or advice about dating this guy? I will make my decision in time, he sounds like long term material which is what I am.

for informational background, I myself haven't been in a relationship for more than two years. thanks for any tips


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  • Dear QA,

    There is a tip I can tell you, and maybe it is a useful information.

    From personal experience...when a guy get involved and have strong feelings and share a long term relationship...his girlfriend will have a print in his heart...if things went the wrong way and they broke up...then he suffer a heck of a pain for ending a relationship...

    Note that time only reduces the pain...never heal wounds!

    anyway...the right action would be to close an imaginary box with all the memories, feelings regarding his ex...but that box cannot be will be asking something impossible.

    Therefor the tip is as follows...we all make mistakes, its the blessing which shape our experience and personality...and people can change...if they found someone to help them...just don't ask or speak about the past...enjoy your time with him.

    My best wishes.

    W H


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  • whatever you do, take it slow, and don't jump into anything.

    7 years is a long time, and he'd probably be nervous about another relationship right now.

    so just be close friends, and see where it takes you. just be supportive and understanding and know he isn't gonna just be over her like that.

  • Take it Slowwwwwwwwwwwwww


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  • maybe find out why they broke up, over something miniscule might be a bad sign that he is not over her, how much he talks about her as well, and after a long relationship he might want a break" to feel the single life who knows, just be cautious, could well possibly work out great.

    • he actually falls quiet. I can tell he's hurting but I don't push for it? he doesn't know I like him.

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