I erased him from my contacts. This was probably not the best idea, was it?

This guy I worked with said he's always noticed me, he gave me his number to text him. I started texting him and we had great 2-3 hour conversations. I always had a thing for him. I thought he was into me to, but he never initiated contact with me and the last couple times I messaged him he never responded. I only messaged him once a week after I sensed him not texting as much. I wasn't bugging him all I said was "hi". OK so maybe I jumped the gun but I erased him from my contacts to keep from texting him again. I really want him to initiate too. you think it was a good idea for me to do that? What if he doesn't text me at all? and I really don't want to be like hey can I have your number again? lol


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  • could always lie and say your phone got reset and you need to get peoples numbers again etc


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