How long do you usually wait until contacting s.o.?

Given you've just got an email-address/ phone Nr of s.o. you're interested in. How long do you usually wait until contacting this person?
  • Less than one day
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  • One or two days
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  • Three or four days
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  • Five or seven days
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  • More than seven days
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s.o. = SomeOne


Most Helpful Girl

  • Preferably by the next day, no more than two days. Please don't go by the "three day rule," that's a silly old game playing method that needs to be thrown out the window. I read an article once a few years back (written by men btw!) that listed a whole bunch of reasons why you shouldn't wait three days before calling a girl... I wish I had the link for it but I don't.

    It's true that you don't want to look desperate. But calling a girl promptly doesn't make you look desperate, it just makes you look interested, which is good. You're only going to look desperate if you start calling/texting her too frequently or if you act like you have no confidence.

    I know when I give a guy my number I want him to call me soon. If it takes him three days to call me then I figure he's not really all that interested and he's just calling me because he hasn't found any better options by that time. Either that or he's playing games. Yuck.

    The way I see it... You asked for my number, so you're obviously interested! So don't switch gears and make things more confusing. Girls like to feel wanted and special. Let's just skip the game and be real with each other. Call her when you want to call her and no later!


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't wait.. just whenever I think of the perfect thing to say I send it!:)


What Guys Said 3

  • Email address : one day or at night

    Blackberry messenger: few hours

    Phone number: 2 days

  • S.O stands for significant other. That's when you're already together.

  • 3 day rule. Learn it, live it, love it.

    • The 3 day rule just makes you seem like you're not interested. Sooner is better.

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    • You still didn't answer my question though.

    • I usually get bored and move on.

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