I need to do this or I feel like I won't be happy, what do I do?

OK well I have liked this chick than I stopped she started to like me and I stopped liking her, now I like her and I think she likes me but I have a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend. I sincerely care for my girlfriend but I just feel like I have better chemistry with this other girl. what do I do? I really want to be with my girlfriend and I would do anything to avoid hurting her but I just like this otehr girl too and I've liked this other girl for a while. me and the other girl like each other but she doesn't want to ruin the friendship what do I do I feel like I would be happier in a relationship with her.

how do I let her know it won't ruin the friendship


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  • the right thing to do is break up with your girlfriend to pursue the other girl but since she has a guy too you have to make sure YOU are what she wants. All this has to be done behind your so's backs and that's shady but ya know you can't control who you love(are we talking love or lust because you said "chemistry" in that case that's way more shady if we're talking you want to have sex with this other girl and in that case your girlfriend deserves better anyway) and who you wanna be with so if you and the other girl want to be together you should tell her and see what she says. yeah if she says she doesn't want to be with you it answers your question and maybe you can let the idea of you two go and really commit to your girlfriend knowing the other girl isn't an option for you.

    you're doing neither of your so's any favors by wanting someone else but hanging onto them because you don't want to be alone that's not fair at all and you know it's not.

    just try to do the right thing.

    • i don't date girls just for sex. and I'm pretty sure this other chick does like me its jsut the fact she has a boyfriend.

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    • so what your saying is just talk to her about it and if its something I can't have than just concentrae on my girlfriend more

    • pretty much. at least you'll know where you stand with the one you *think* you want and if she feels the same way then you guys can decide what to do but if she doesn't then you can stop thinking she's 'the one' when she might not be. I don't normally advocate this type of behavior since it's not fair to the girlfriend/boyfriend of you guys but it's best to clear the air at this point before it lingers on too long and things get even more heated/complicated.

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