I'm freaking out like so beyond stressed over a guy and I cannot handle it!! I don't know what to do..?

So about 2 weeks ago I reconnected with this guy I met on plenty of fish... We started talking like a lot and he was saying all this stuff about how he knows he's gonna date me and how much he likes me and literally like I really like him too, now he is being super weird about texting like he hardly texts me back and I feel like stupid because I mean maybe he's busy? But still he could answer with a hello or something! I just hate that I am like crazy about him and I'm not interested in meeting anyone else and he's really cute and nice and I just I don't know I am overwhelmed and stressed out and sad and crying everyday because I just want to be with him and like I kind of want to delete my pof account but if I do then I won't meet anyone because I'm not meeting anyone in real life! I'm just so freaking out and I don't know what to do I just want a relationship really badly, I would be a really great girlfriend. Do you think if I just offered to have sex with him it would be ok?


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  • God in heaven, no.

    Your desperation is so strong, it would drive any sane man running for the hills.

    You normally don't find this level of desperation outside of women hitting 40 who still want a baby.

    Calm down. He's just a guy.

    Offering to have sex with him, will get you both sex. But that's it. It won't make him fall in love, it won't create feelings in him which weren't there, and it sure as hell won't make him start texting.

    Good god, woman. Have some self respect.


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  • Hell no. Why would you throw yourself at him like that? What's the point? You don't give it away for free, and you certainly don't throw it at a guy who's playing hard to get. Doesn't matter how cute or cool he is, you need to focus more on the proper stuff.

    Why don't you ask him out instead or just plain ask him what he thinks of you?

    • He says he likes me and he wants to date me and we are supposed to go out but he is always working.

    • So what does that make you think? Don't show him you're considering sex, stick to the dating game first. But again, what does him being busy all the time make you think?

  • before you ask such question, try to ask to perform kissing and so on.

    after that, try asking about making live


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