If he graduated and moved away, why is he still texting me?

This grad student and I at my university became really good friends over the course of the summer, but he didn't touch me for the first 5 months of our talking. The week before he graduated, we hooked up and I spent the night. The rest of the week we talked and went out to dinner and said our goodbyes. To my surprise, he continued to text me once he moved out of the state! Over winter break, we didn't speak for about 10 days until the other day when he texted me that he missed talking to me.

What do I do?! As much as I have a crush on him, I can't keep thinking about him. I have to move on, but I don't want to hurt his feelings if I should cut communication entirely. Also, he may not even like me that way. Does he? Is it just friendly?


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  • He is having a hard time coping in the new environment and needs emotional support as he tries to move on too. You could give it to him, or cut him off. Either way, he will move on. Happened to me. It is part of our desire to be loved.

  • What is the difference in distance?


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