A dilemna, can anyone help me decide?

I just dated this girl for about 3 weeks, she got off from a 6 month relationship, yes rebounding I guess, but the think is I know she likes me alot, she hugs my hand while driving, leans at my shoulder and often gives a long stare without looking away.

Anyway this is the situation, one day she called me bro and she even call me and told me that she misses her ex? Am I in the friend zone already? So I told her that I won't communicate with her as I want to get over her. She told me that sorry that she have hurt me.

Questions :

1. Am I really in the friend zone?

2.Should I have "broke up with her".

3.Is she really just messing with me ?


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  • 1. I think the bro thing was just a slip, it's used so commonly now that she probably didn't mean it in that way

    2. it's normal for her to miss her ex and everyone does so she needs to take some time and decide whether this relationship is what she wants right now or if the past is going to hinder that

    3. she's definitely a really loyal girl and it was right of her to tell you how she felt. I think she's just genuinely caring for you and the relationship but she's just caught up in emotions


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  • you are, bro.. mind you rebound relationships almost never work. Just stay away from her, as of right now you're nothing but a temporary replacement for her boyfriend. No need to break up because you never had that relationship in the first place.

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