What should I do, I don't want to look annoying!

If you like someone, but you just met them three days ago, how often should you text them? I always screw things up, and I don't want to look desperate/annoying, but I want him to know I'm interested. He texted me yesterday, so I'm thinking should I wait two days and text him?

What should I do?


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  • There are no timing rules. (Though prolonged waiting for a response does tend to get annoying/ irritating). On the subject of just meeting him, text him things that apply to him, will require a response, possibly a question in return ( don't text something like "hey I just got outta work", it's useless information). The time when texting can actually become tedious and annoying, is when someone receives a large amount of messages all from the same person that all exist in their own categories and need answers, more often than not they are trivial as well (this does not include a long message that is sent in parts by the server). You won't look desperate at all by when you send your texts, but rather how many you send before a reply from him.

    • But what if you text everyday? Wouldn't that get annoying to a guy?

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    • Well I texted him Hi what's up three hours ago and no reply. Now I'm embarrassed and sad.

    • Three hours is not a long time at all. I understand it feels like a long time. Hell, I've gotten nervous after 10 minutes. But really, anything less than 2 days waiting is not long at all when it comes to texting.

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  • Seriously? You get good responses you text. You get bad ones you stop. As easy as that.

    You might meet people who you will call next day and you will be talking literally throughout the night and it would feel right. You might meet somebody and it would be just weird to talk for first three years. Then you get to know him and bang.

    This things happen. Act. Watch responses. React.

    • I just don't want to be annoying, I'd like to talk all the time, but I don't think that'd be a good idea. And don't guys want a girl whose hard to get? I don't know.

    • Yes they do. Also one that is a friend.

      Do you only talk with guys that will "get you"? I think not. So talking/ not talking has no effect on if you come out hard to get or not.

      And that is what I was saying. Don't be afraid to be a little annoying. When you spot that annoyance, you stop writing.

      So what if he likes it? And you are going to wait and he will think, nah ... she does not really want to talk with me.

      There are no rules. Do what works best for you. Don't be afraid to be wrong.

  • Text the guy back, playing games leads to more games and confusion.

    • Should I do the two day rule? Since he texted me yesterday, I should text tomorrow?

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    • Don't feel bad, he probably didn't text you right back because you took so long to text him back, sometimes that's how it goes babe. Be patient, and when he does text you back text him back, when you play games with him he might play them back, things like this (confusion and disappointment) is usually the ending result.

    • But I did text him back on Sunday. We texted for three hours.

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  • No, text him TODAY. Like right now. Waiting 2 days or even longer than a day (if you aren't busy) sends out all the wrong signals. If you like a guy, let him know that you are interested. Waiting and following the "2 day rule" is dumb. Be yourself and if he's the right guy, he'll love who you are; he won't think you're annoying, trust me.

    • Well I just met him last Friday and he texted yesterday. I'm always scared of looking annoying, and I don't want to blow it with this guy. I think he's so cute and I kinda like him, but I just met him so I don't think I should be liking him already, too soon.

    • Just text him. If you wait any longer, you'll lose your chance and really blow it. Be yourself. Don't try to impress, just get to know each other

    • I texted him and still no reply :'(