How do you feel about meeting someone online?

as in meeting someone you might want to be in a relationship with?

embarrassed or not worried?

do you prefer it that way or is it something you really want to avoid?

there are pros and cons to it, I think starting something online first could work in some situations, as long as the 2 aren't too far apart.

the pro's I see:

getting to know the person better before even meeting.

being more honest with each other due to not having to look them in the eye when you tell them how you really feel.

having more time to reply the proper way and avoid misunderstandings.


the person might be lying the whole time.

you might never meet.

getting made fun of by some people.

not getting to hold them.


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  • You know, I've never understood why people say meeting people online is silly or whatever because they can be lying and all that. I think that's completely illogical. It suggests that if you meet someone in the flesh they.. what? HAVE to tell the truth? Never lie? People can lie and become who ever they want to be, both on the internet and in person. The only thing about the internet is appearance - but if you Skype or video chat, that's cured. I think that the perk about meeting someone online is that if you're talking heaps and whatnot - you get the opportunity to know them. You don't have to worry so much about them only wanting sex or whatever, because it's less likely than in person. Anyway, moving on.

    I don't think I'd do internet dating or anything like that. Really, it's just because I never actively seek a partner because it isn't a priority for me. That being said, I've actually met someone on here who I absolutely adore. Ironically, before I met him I had organised to do a student exchange to his area. Then we started talking heaps, and I don't think I'd have allowed myself to get attached had I not known that I was eventually going there.


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  • embarrassed

    try to avoid

    it kind of has a social stigma, which sucks, because yeah, there are some pros, but... well... I'd still prefer to meet someone in person.

    • yeah me too. its easier online tho, its happened to me a bunch of times, mostly on accident.

  • Well I've met tons of great people online especially couchsurfing. When I moved to a new city I didn't know where anything was so I joined it and asked people if they'd mind showing me around, one I even dated for a bit after he showed me around.

    It's nice to get to know people before you meet them, you don't have to worry about what to talk about as you're already friendly with them and know things about them.

    It's also takes some of the pressure off I find there's a reason people askout folk via calls, texts, emails, fb, whatever

  • I think people shouldn't online date. Go out in the real world and meet a person. If you talk to someone online then you don't really know them and there's a big chance that it you meet them in real life they will be a little different than you imagined and you be disappointed and possibly hurt.


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  • I don't mind. But when it comes to meeting, I do kind of get nervous because the other person could have wild expectations about me and maybe I'm not exactly what they had envisioned.

    Most of the girls I knew who met their Facebook Boyfriend for the first time were disappointed. They exchanged plenty of photos and videos, but for some reason a girl will idealize so much about what she doesn't see, that she is setting herself up for disappointment.

    Getting to know someone before you meet them has it's pros and cons. Yes it helps but sometimes you can tout yourself so high (or they can hold you to high standards) that you are dooming the relationship(because most of it isn't true and can't be lived up to).

    • the way you describe it sounds like meeting online automatically means lying.

    • Not at all. The mind has a way of filling out the blanks. When you don't see someone for all that they are (in person, having a conversation) your mind will fill in the blanks. Often times, they will be positive fillers (like a girl doesn't see a guy's back, so she assumes it's toned and strong).

      These little things come to backfire once you meet in person.

    • ok I see your point, but still, I don't see it as a bad thing.

  • I generally avoid online 'things' since they mostly end bad, but if some chick decided she wants to come visit me if she's stopping by then by all means she can meet me. I don't think I'd go out of my way to meet someone online, maybe I would have once upon a merry time but that time has come and gone.

    • do you really think you can say this without getting to know the person enough to have feelings for them?

    • I've already had feelings for people online and it always ended sh*t, I'm not saying it can't work but personally, for me, I'd rather keep away from it

    • o aslright.