A girl gave me her cousin's number, help me out?

A girl I just met over Christmas was at the same party I was at, ( a quinceanera or sweet 15 for those you who don't know what it is) and she was like you should take my cousin out to dance, and I was like OK next song I will, but then her cousin left so I was like oh well, but then I was talking to that person over Facebook and told her that she should have introduced me to her cousin before she left that night, then she was like well I have her number if you want it, so I said OK, but now I have no idea what to even text this girl I don't know, and her cousin told me not to tell her she was the one that gave me her number, any ideas or suggestions?


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  • Well that is just odd if she doesn't want you to tell her where you got the number from... I mean, if its not a big deal I'd just drop it until you run into the cousin and/or the girl you met... I mean, I would find that creepy if a stranger texted me and then wouldn't tell me where or how or why they have my number lol... I'm as confused as you are haha


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