Can someone tell me if this is a rebound?

i split up with my boyfriend on the 20th of November after 5 months togther, he's got in another releationship by the 12th of December. the girls 16. she smokes weed and drinks a lot she's had a bad upbringing so to speak. my ex is 21 he claims he really likes this girl. I am the complete oppisite of this girl, and why he has chossen her over me I do not know! can someone tell me how long this releationships going to last, as I want my man back where he belongs!


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  • Sometimes after a real relationship a man wants to be with a girl that is the opposite just to fulfill the needs he was lacking, but its not love its a quick thrill. He will be back if you be his friend in the meantime without bitching about what he is doing with her. Because he is definitely having a lot of sex with her and you don't want to know its just going to hurt you. He is probably with her because she is a freak and he needs to get that out of his system.

    • yeah! hopefully his little thrill ends soon enough. I have remaind friends with him and I've wished him all the best with his new girl. I guess its just a waiting game.

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  • rebound and your ex is a completely moron for dating a 16 years old female when his old ass is 21..damn shame

    • thats exactly what I was thinking

  • I think it depends on his behavior before and immediately after the break-up. I don't know of many people who could heal that quickly.

    • well we had a silly argument a lot was sayed but I don't think that would make him move on so faest. especialy to a 16 year old!

  • chosen her over you? you split up with him so I don't know how much of the choice was his

    it is weird that he's dating a 16 year old though. actually its illegal

    but after you dumped him, he probably felt inadequate and that they only girl who he could get would be an immature 16 year old

    youre the one that wants him back even though you dumped him. tell him how you feel, but don't expect much from him

    • i wrote that wrong he split up with me. hmm I don't want to tell him how I feel because theb that may look as if am needy and nobody wants a needy girl. I just want to know roughly how long this releationships going to last if its a rebound

    • ah sorry. yea, probably just a rebound. probably misses the high school days?

      just let him know that you miss him and you know him well enough to know that the 16 year old isn't right for him

    • yeah I think he's just going through a weird faze just now, well I hope he is anyway. yeah I will do, I just hope he relises before he goes down the wrong road.

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