I have a crush on a cute instagram girl. Am I crazy?

There's this girl, and from a distance she seems amazing. very beautiful, and artistic. I follow her on instagram, and she lives in a city that I just happen to be visiting soon. is it creepy to ask her to hang out while I'm there? the only real "in" I have is that I want to apply for a job where she works. would it be weird to ask for a coffee date to discuss her job? I don't know...i'm just giddy. I've done crazier things for a date, but this just feels a little creepy. I don't want to be creepy. I just want an honest chance to get to know her.

Any suggestions?

Also, I just want to thank this community for being there for a guy who fell hard last year after an awful breakup. You were a source comfort.


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  • Just message her. Worst thing that can happen is she'll say no. It's worth a shot !


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  • What is instagram?

    I am old and am not hip to the lingo you drasted kids are digging down

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