Was she testing me? What's your opinion on paying for the girl during meals?

The last 2 times me and this girl have been out to eat I've paid. She's brought it up before saying something like "I loved when you took me out to that dinner, but I like you waaay more for your personality and things we both appreciate." I don't really know what she was getting at there. We hung out a couple of days ago and when we went up to pay I was about to but then she said "Lets split the bill." I had no problem with it and I just said sure, but she ended up not having cash. I don't know what the hell she was doing if she was testing me or something to see if I would let her pay for herself or whatever. I honestly could give a sh*t about the money I spend. It means nothing to me, but I don't know if she likes me paying or not. What do you think?


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  • I think she was just expecting you to say you would pay for it, but also wanting to look good as if she would pay her share. Awkward haha


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  • I think she might:

    A) feel sh*tty for not paying for herself.

    B) Trying to get on your good side.


    C) Playing games which sucks. I don't know bro.

  • yes, it was a test. she's trying to pretend to be willing to pay for herself. in reality, she's trying to keep you spending/investing in her, which will make you work harder because of how much time/money you've invested in her... in turn, it gives her that much more power.


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