Guy text "love u" when drunk?

Hi everyone. I'm super confused and just want to get some guy opinions :) hope you can all give me some insight lol. Basically iv been seeing this guy, we've slept together a few times and had an amazing time chilling and cuddling all day. In total though we've only really known each other a few months and seen each other about 6 times. We text each other all the time and are meeting up soon. I sometimes feel that he plays it a bit cool tho, but so do I

He went out drinking a couple of night ago until about 2am and strangely was texting me even tho I had gone to bed. He text me saying he wished I was there and that "im so sweet". And then in a text a bit later he said something like "this will be my last text, am a bit drunk. Love you xxx"

I was like woooooow when I woke up to that haha...tho I think its quite sweet. I'm not taking this as he "loves" me but we have never said anything more lovey than can't wait to see you or miss you. Do you think this means he's really into me, as sometimes I feel he tries to act cool and not that interested haha! or was he just plain drunk and didn't mean anything by it?


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  • I mean, unless he sent I to the wrong person, or it was more like "ahshsdtft I fffyy love gfgyfgt you" then he probably meant something by it. There is also the possibility that he was drunk and wanted to see how you reacted or he was having a good time and this enhanced his usual feelings, but definitely, there is the possibility that he meant it and given his usual cool behavior , being drunk might have lowered his inhibitions. I would be inclined to say he did mean something from it.

    • Thank you for your answer, I hope he did :)

  • I'd wait for him to bring it up then talk about it...much simpler I guess


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