Will he text me again or not?

I've been dating this guy for a month now and I really like him... But yesterday I saw on his wall on Facebook he was flirting with another girl so I del him because I felt really jealous! Now I'm wondering if he notices I del him and Facebook you think he ll ever text me again? I don't wanna text him first or contact him in anyway!


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  • You overreacted wayy too much. When you delete someone on FB, it pretty much means to the other party that you don't want to ever be friends in person again.

    I don't know how the situation is per se at your end, since I didn't see his text. It seems odd but that he would flirt with other girls.. What exactly did he say?

    But yeah, deleting him over something like that, is just a dumb move and shows how insecure you are to him.


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  • Instead of overreacting, you should have talked to him.


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  • If someone deleted me, I would take that as a big hint that THEY probably don't want to talk to me. He probably won't text you. But if you deleted someone just because you were jealous of someone else, I'd say you have bigger issues to worry about...

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