Guys, are you ever intimidated by a girl on a first date?

I have been on an assortment of first dates and I sometimes get the feeling that they are intimidated by me... The date goes really well and then all of a sudden, when we're saying goodbye, he completely sketches out!

Truthfully, I am really shy and super nervous on first dates (which I try not to show)! We seem to have a good time, but right at the end they always seem to act really uncomfortable and it is always so awkward! I don't know if they want to kiss me... or they don't know what to do... or what is going through their minds! I definitely don't know what to do so I tend to just wait and let them do something... anything...

Typically, if a date went well, does a guy want to kiss her? Will he? What should she do to make it less uncomfortable for both?


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  • If you are a girl, yes I would want to kiss you.

    IF you are a white (American./European/australian) girl, yes I would want to try to kiss yu toward the end. OTHERWISE, I would not bother for real azns.

    Just look at him, and if he has brains/balls he would come close, possibly touch you on the hair and reel you in for a kiss while saying he had a great time or something like that. Kisses are good 1st time when they interrupt a sentence.


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