I Have Never Been on a SECOND Date!?

I met this guy about a month ago and we went out on one date. He was texting me all the time just to chat and he seemed to really like me and we got along really well. The week after our date was Christmas, so we didn't see each other because we were both busy, but he continued to text me a lot.

On boxing day, I asked him what he had planned for the rest of his vacation and he said he was going to Mexico... tomorrow! I was surprised because he had never mentioned anything before, but whatever. He mentioned that we wouldn't see each other again 'this year' which I took to mean he wanted to see me again when he got back. I didn't expect to talk to him while he was on vacation, but he's been back for a week and I still haven't heard from him...

Does this seem weird? He texted me practically every day, goes out of town for a week and completely forgets I exist...!?

I've considered texting him, but I don't want to because I know that if he wanted to talk to me, he would... He never had a problem texting first before, so I know there's something else going on and he's not just waiting for me to make the next move. To be honest, I don't really care that much - I didn't really even know him that well so I'm definitely not heart broken, but this is not the first time something like this has happened... I have gone out with a few guys who talk to me all the time and seem really into me and then the next minute they completely forget about me and when I do try to initate somthing, they avoid me... I can't figure out if I did something wrong, or what happens! It's like they just randomly change their minds and it's driving me nuts because I have been on a ridiculous number of 1st dates, but I never get a second...? Why do I suck at this so much?


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  • obviously it could be a bunch of reasons, but my guess is that you don't show that you are into them as much as they would like, so why would they risk it?

    • I figured so much! How do I show more interest? From a guy's point of view, what should a girl do to show you she's interested?

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    • No, there is something to lose, actually: he doesn't respond, or he replies with short sentences and puts me off!

      If you were interested in a girl, you would text her, right? If you're not interested, you don't.

      Therefore, my responses to all of his texts should show my interest and I shouldn't have to text him first!

    • i personally strongly disagree, but I mean just do whatever works for you...

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  • I don't have a short answer other than that. But, if you care enough to find out why, you'll watch the movie.

  • Have you ever seen the movie, "What the Bleep, Down the Rabbit Hole"? If not, watch it. Your answer is in that movie. But, basically, your thoughts are creating your outcomes.

    • My thoughts are creating my outcomes? Please explain...

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  • I know how you feel going through the exact same thing... bunch of dates, but never a second date?! I feel your pain girl

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