How does an attractive guy maintain that 'groupie admiration' while also becoming 'touchable' to a woman?

(Esp. since women typically wait for men to progress things)

Like if some hot semi celebrity guy started hanging out with a girl who was very into him, he'd eventually lose some of his luster as he has to say: invite her out with the group, invite her to dance, invite her to hang out solo, maybe personally call or text her to make plans, etc.. . Once a guy does all that (since you can't usually the first day hanging out just go up to a girl who's into you and say "lets go in the back room and have sex") he basically becomes just another guy who's talking/flirting with you, doesn't he? How do you keep that reverence, where a girl still looks at you in awe?


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  • I think that no matter what you do the other person is always going to lose the "brand spakin new" look to them- but it never completely goes away.

    I've been with plenty of guys who I oggled over, and still did when he took me on dates, and I walked next to him. Hell, I still felt it when we were standing in his kitchen and he was cooking me dinner, or when I saw him walking towards me- every single time.

    I think you STILL get those butterflies, nervousness and attraction.

    I think you may be referring to the "untouchable" vibe such as with a very attractive man or a celebrity. I see what you mean, but the idea of being "untouchable" is fake- and being caring, loving, and someone a girl can interact with and connect with is much much much more important than that sense of reverence.

    Just because that "untouchable" sense is not there, does not mean interest is lost.


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