What to do when a guy drives me home and I'm about to get out?

I'm going out on what SEEMS like would be a second date with a guy later this week, and I believe he will be driving me home.

We are both 17, and it just dawned on me that I HAVE NO IDEA what to do when that moment comes where two people kiss in the car just before the girl gets out.

I've actually never kissed before and I THINK that at the end of our first date (no driving)- this guy tried to give me a peck on the cheek after the goodbye hug. but, because I was so inexperienced, I ended up dodging the peck, and giving him a hug. I'm a dork, I know.

It's just that when he looked into my eyes after pulling away from that hug, I was really panicked and was kind of avoiding his eyes.

Why do I do that? How do I get more comfortable with this stuff?


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  • Only way to get more comfortable with it is to just do it. Be more confident, think about how hard it is for the guy to assume you want a kiss and to not make a fool of himself trying to give it. Think of how hard it is to figure out when the right time is for it lol. If you want him to kiss you, you should help him out by showing it. In the car, after you say your goodbyes, try making eye contact for a bit, or as you turn to open the door, swing your head back around and lean towards him a little. Or you know what would be really crazy and what not very many girls do? Make the move on him =P. First kisses are often times awkward but the only way to get better is with practice, just like anything.

    Just remember that the guys' job is extremely nerve-wracking and tough, so make it easier on him! I'm sure he won't mind if this guy goes on a second date with you.


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