"You don't call me enough" from a male friend

I don't call anyone, unless I'm meeting them. What gives? He told me this when we worked together, we no longer work together now

He has hugged me before, not hi/bye hugs.and has given me shoulder rubs. But when I tried to touch him, like thighs, shoulders etc, he looked shocked. So ever since I stopped touchinghim and played cool. No flirting, no hugs, just normal random chat.

He's confusing. I like him but I believe guys should do the chasing. Right now, he calls occassionally but we live in different countries. Once he called long distance to say hi, other times for work advice, or is this an excuse to call? What's with this mixed signals? Do guys just call to girls just because?! I hate the phone, I always end it short.:/ but anything I should say or text to him?


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  • Is this male friend...more than just a male friend? Or just a very special friend, like a best close friend... or is there something more than that - that deep inside you know that he's more than a friend and you want to progress in terms of a relationship. What I'm trying to say is, do you have feelings for him? Feelings like love? If so, or similar, tell him how you feel, how you really feel - take your time, but do tell him.

    • I don't know how he sees me but I try to see it as normal friends so I won't get hurt but deep down, I really like him. He once said something to our mutual friend, she then came to me and said "ask him out already." I don't know what he said to her?

      I don't even know how to confront. I tried it once to a guy, got rejected so never wanna try again. :(

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  • I have a guy friend who is almost the same like him. He would send me messages on fb to ask things that seem to be important to him but that is always just the starting, we would end up chatting like usual so that makes me think if he is really finding excuses to chat with me. Can't help but to think that he is not courage enough to speak up for himself. I never took the initiative to talk to him because I simply do not like chatting over the net or entertaining people after work so I end the convo short just like u.

    But anyway for your case, if you think you like him very much and both have a chance to get into a relationship, why not text him occasionally? Who does the chasing is not important. Probably he is confused by you as well because you said you did not flirt?

    But it could also be the case that he is just being friendly.

    • so, did anything happened to you and your guy friend?

    • No nothing happened. I see him as a friend, nothing more than that. But not sure what he is thinking though.

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