I'm having a problem about spending time and when with my boyfriend?

The winter formal is coming up and I asked my boyfriend to come with me on sat. He said that he was planing a movie date for me and I said that 'I look forward to that on sat night instead" but than he said that he had strict plans with the boys and couldn't make it and I was being cheeky and the movie was better on Tues.

I also thought I was seeing him this Thurs because when I left on sun I said I would message him and he said sounds good. Now he tells me he didn't say we were on for Thursday did i? bcus he had mad work to do b4 the weekend. Am I right to be pissed off? or is this just simple miscommunication.

*I guess he thinks that IM just assuming these dates are/making plans and not seeing if he is available to them. But I'm still angry.


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  • Give him the benefit of the doubt THIS time. Chalk it up to miscommunication.

    Going forward make sure you are very specific about what days you are hanging out. Leave no room for error. See what happens there.

    I'm already worried about what you've said has happened, but give him the benefit of the doubt this time.

    • Well this is all through fb as he doesn't have a cell phone.

    • I guess I just assumed we where on before asking him if it worked for him and he thought I was being "cheeky" but not asking if he was able to hang out.

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