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So, my best friend asked me to be his date on his 18th birthday and he made it pretty clear that we would probably be together then...

But then, last night, he's status on BBM was; 'Best night of my life *girls name*

So I asked him what was going on, he read it, but didn't reply, I decided to just ignore it.

THEN something came up and it is the same weekend as his birthday, so I told him that I couldn't go anymore, he got mad, swore at me, read my msgs and didn't reply again..

A few minutes ago he msged me and, me being me, I did what he did to me and just read it, and he got mad..

Why is he being like he is?

He told my sister that he really liked and miss me two days ago, then he has the best night of his life with some chick I don't know..

I am being too much of a girl?


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  • ummmm I think you're both in the wrong ^^

    him = he shouldn't have posted that status. It was slightly mean and very insensitive, but you never know, he could have just gone to a party hosted by the girls or something similar.

    you = I hope you gave a reason for not being able to go? If so then his reaction whilst imature isn't particually bad. And what did he say in the bbm today? If he was apologizing or trying to explain why not listen? if it was just a "hey" why not ask him again what was up with the status and you didn't really like it.

    Conclusion = You need to talk with him, this could have just been a big misunderstanding. If there is something with this other girl then you know and you can celebrate the fact that you didn't go out with such a d*** but otherwise you are both just being a little silly ^^

    (also with a note about the whole BBM reading thing, don't just think because it went R he read it and purposefully decided not to respond. Those things can be buggy / or he just quickly was cycling through BBMs to stop the light flashing, I do that a lottt...)

    • I thought that he'd only go to a party too, but he has this nickname for her and his status has been about how he misses her..

      Yeah, I told him why I couldn't go..

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    • He just deleted me..

    • bastard

      hes a d***, forgot about him and all I said above, I'm sorry :(

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  • I think this guy has a problem. He seems too self obsessed to be aware of how his behavior affects others (specifically you).

    I would just forget about him and move on.

  • Nope. You gotta do what's best for you. It's good to learn at a young age that people will walk all over you if you don't put your foot down.

  • No, he's an idiot, you did the right thing.

    For one, just because you go out on a date, that doesn't mean he gets to lay claim to you, only an idiot would think that.

    Second, if he was serious about you, he wouldn't ignore you like that or parade around some other girl to try and make you jealous (or play the field).

  • No, but you're not being entirely honest.

    You know damn well that "something came up" is a polite way of saying you didn't want to be his date on his 18th birthday anymore. You're not fooling anyone with that.

    He had no right to be mad of course.

    He acted like a typical guy of his age though. Hormonal horn dog.

    Even if you like a girl, and have something to look forward to with her... when p**** gets waved in front of your face in the here and now, all bets are off. He'll probably be like that until he's 20 at least.

    • Lol, you're wrong with the something came up thing, something really did come up, I've been honest with him from the start

    • If he hadn't had the best night of his life, I'm sure you would have moved things around to still go to his 18th...

    • Wanted too, mum wouldn't let me

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