I haven't had my first kiss yet. Please give me some advice?

So after school today, This guy that I like went in to kiss me and I didn't really think about it and I turned my head. I know this sounds stupid and I feel really bad about it.

Like I do wanna kiss him I was just surprised.

I haven't had my first kiss yet.

So what should I do?

Like what if he doesn't try again because I turned my head...


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  • just tell him? ^^

    it depends how confident he is, if you are his first potention girlfriend or he just isn't particually confident then he won't try again, so you will need to do something! You don't have to spill out your heart or anything embarassing like that , but when you guys are alone just say "i'm really sorry about the other day, I'm was just so supprised that I just didn't think, but I do like you" or something along those lines.


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  • Just let him know what happened, so that he doesn`t think you`re not interested (:

    Or, take a risk and lean in for the kiss yourself!

    (Ps; in private.)

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