He is so confusing but I still like him!!!

I'm in 9th grade and I go to an all girls school and my crush goes to all boys school. he doesn't talk to girls except me and I only talk to him. but the thing is we don't actually talk, we text. we never got into a personal conversation because we are not so close. when we see each other in person we blush and can't look into each others eyes and don't talk. I've tried making the next move by telling him to call me and meet me places so we can talk like normal people but he's such chicken! he also doesn't respond when I ask him questions only about me. I can't tell him how I feel because we are not even that close and I've tried getting closer! we have been texting for a year now! does he like me but is scared or he just really doesn't want me!?


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  • uhhuh. not to rip on all guys schools or anything, but he just isn't sure on relationships. a lot of guys aren't that go to those schools. a lot of guys are isolated from the whole dating scene. and may be kinda awkward. (and I know- I go to an all guys school myself). moving on- I think its not that he doesn't like you, its more of the fact that he's scared and doesn't know what to do, or is maybe considering you as friends. best idea to override this- hang out and chill in person, just invite him to go to a basketball game or something... slowly, he'll get the right idea. so yeah. hope that helped.


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