Haven't heard from him since monday...Guys...what's up...

The last time I saw my significant other was on monday, usually we manage to talk during the week, but I haven't gotten back a single text or gotten a hold of him!

I'm not freakin out about it though, I haven't been texting and calling like a psychopath, I call once, leave a voicemail, whatever.

But it's not only me that hasn't heard from him, it's our mutual friends that haven't been able to get a hold of him either.

I don't know if he's feeling guilty about being super hammered on sunday night (I told him it was fine when we woke up together monday morning, I spent the night) or if something happened to him...

I'm telling myself he's probably okay, but for him to not answer his phone for his friends? That's practically unheard of...

Can any guys tell me if this is normal or if I should start calling hospitals and shit? We just started getting really close and I know he cares about me a lot and I care about him a lot. What do I do without looking like a crazy girlfriend (which I'm not his gf, we've talked about it, because I like the slowness we're going at).

He finally texted me.

He's very much alive and well.

Damn I was gonna go take advantage of his rigor mortis XD



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  • I would start calling people; start with his friends. Don't panic and waste effort with hospitals for at least as long as it takes to contact friends. What about his work...if he hasn't gone to work without contacting them then it is time to worry.

    • He works at home, he runs a computer software company that's in Bulgaria but he lives here and goes there 3 months out of the year. I know he just started back at college but no one's heard from him or seen him since sunday (me since monday).

    • Ok it's time to panic, but call the police, they know how to look for someone, rather than trying it yourself

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