Which guy would you date in this situation?

two guys have expressed an interest in dating me and I don't know which one to pick.

one is a friend of a friend. I don't know him very well but from what I can tell we have a lot in common. we like the same type of movies, bands, and have the same type of hobbies. he's very smart and seems fun, down to earth, and free spirited. but he can be a bit of a playboy and has had a bunch of one night stands. I heard that when he's with a girl for real he's committed, though. I think he's very attractive.

the other guy is a friend. we have some stuff in common but on the surface we like totally different things. but he and I can stay up talking for hours about lots of weird subjects. he's also very smart but in a nerdy way that often goes over my head (he's actually a rocket scientist). he doesn't do one night stands and has only had serious relationships. he's really nice when it's just him and me but with other people he can turn into a jerk or ignore me completely. I think he's average looking.


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  • It depends on what you're looking for in a relationship. On one hand, you have all the right reasons you would have the time of your life, but risk being potentially used, by the "player"... On the other, you know that this other guy is a good friend and that you can already communicate with him, which is a strong plus for the foundation of a relationship. Not to mention that you have a better background/understanding of your friend.

    If you are looking for anything short term - like a spring fling, cuddle buddy, or simply you're just looking for a fun time (non-sexually / sexually) - then I would say that the "player" would fit your needs better.

    If you're wanting to settle down and get away from the bullsh*t - maybe the friend is the right choice. Like I mentioned above, it's significantly important to me to have a personal understanding of someones background.. Basically, a way for me to connect and see if they are real with who they present themselves to be.

    Though my gut tells me that neither of these guys are really you're cup of tea. It's a hard choice from my shoes, but then again, I don't really know you or what you're about. The ultimate decision must come from the person that knows you best, yourself. Only you can say what you would enjoy or could possibly try even if there may be risks/consequences associated with it. I guess you don't have to decide which one to go for, more so than you have to decide which one is worth it.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Date them both. Until you guys start talking about seeing each other exclusively, there's nothing stopping you from dating the two of them. You don't have to jump immediately into "relationship" mode.

    You're young. Enjoy yourself.

    • that's allowed? I thought that was cheating.

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    • Dating does not mean "I have a boyfriend." Dating means "I have anywhere from one to several potential boyfriends in the works and I'm feeling them out right now to see which one is the best possible candidate."

    • Exact-a-mundo.

  • Try and see if you can get a group discount!

    Get both of them for just a little bit more than the individual price. Then you can have them both, and pick the one you prefer for different parts of the day!


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  • He ignores you and treats you wrong? I'd say number 1, just because no one deserves a guy who mistreats them. If he is doing it now, I could only imagine it would get worse when you guys do date.