Is it weird that you have a girlfriend but you never had a date with her before?

Is it weird that I have a girlfriend but I never had a date with her yet for some reason. Like the way I asked her out was when I was drunk and I drunk dialed her and I told her how I felt and asked her to be my girl and she said yes but me and her never been on a date we just hanged out, smoked some weed and we got to knew each other more. So should I plan a date for me and her?


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  • Oh my goodness yes! Ask her out on a date! It isn't weird at all though that you two have not been. That happens in a lot of relationships. But yes a date is in need. She will appreciate it so much. She might not say anything, but girl's brains are made to look to see if the person they are with is capable of providing for them, if they are going to be a good "mate". By asking her out on a date, it will prove that you can provide for her, and take on responsibility. Trust me, if she hasn't had to ask you, then she will appreciate your act so much. Also take her somewhere nice; make her feel like she is super important. Not just to the movies. It also doesn't have to expensive. Go on a picnic and pack your own lunch or something. I wish you the best of luck!

    • I agree. Plenty of relationships don't start out "traditionally" with dates. I didn't go on my first real date with my boyfriend until after we were already together. But you definitely should go on a date as soon as you can, girls enjoy it :)

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