When hanging out with a guy....

is he supposed to be asking questions about the girl? I've always been under the impression that when hanging out with someone, they should both be asking questions about each other but the guy more so because us girls, we LOVE to talk ;) but I was the one asking all the questions.. he never asked me anything about my self.. that's bad right?


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  • Nobody should be obligated to ask questions, but it's a lot easier to have conversations if both parties contribute equally.

    Him not asking you anything about yourself isn't bad. It just didn't come up. Maybe he was nervous and it was easier for him to be answering the questions instead of asking this time.


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  • Hanging out = not out on a date. On a date you might, but not everyone is an inquisitive person. This not a guy/girl thing. It is an individual thing. You're too concerned with what YOU regard as normal behavior, but what's normal for you isn't normal for others. Some people might feel like it's prying. Some people might just not be inquisitive.

    But yes, when hanging out you shouldn't expect date-like behavior.

    • it was more of a date...

    • You should be more specific then. Totally changes the situation if it was a date. In any case, it is possible he it's just not an inquisitive person. Don't assume everyone exhibits the same behaviors.

  • Hanging out in my mind means you sit on my couch and don't speak unless you have something to say. Man or woman makes nk difference


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