Transitioning from numbers to dates. Why don't girls reply? and how to get them to do so?

See I can get numbers fairly easily, but getting replies and then actually get dates is the hard part.

So what goes wrong between getting the number and sending the text? How do I make sure a girl replies and actually goes out with me and the numbers I get aren't just useless blocks of wood?

Mind you, all the approaches are random and I don't know the girls personally at all.

A good example actually. Randomly approached a 9 on the street on Wednesday, called to arrange a date, no answer, so 8 hours+ later I texted her, and no reply.

My guess is the first interaction has to be really strong right? Then if the approach is good enough it will domino effect, I get number, then get date, right? Or is it more complex than that?


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  • Maybe they sometimes give you fake numbers (or numbers that aren't theirs). Also, calling them seems really creepy seeing as they don't even know who's calling.

    PS: Don't refer to a girl as a number, it's really degrading :P

    • :| A. I always get real numbers, and check to make sure i.e "give me your number and I'll call it now so you have mine, or give me you're phone and I'll put in my number (then I proceed to call my phone) so she knows most likely...and most girls don't get approached that often so how could they forget?

      And regarding reffering to girls as numbers? I wasn't at all? I said I can get numbers but can't turn them into dates i.e short for a girls number and date with said girl. get it now?

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  • from my opinion some girls just give out numbers to be a tease now I am not one of those girls but I konw girls like that. they give out there number just to say they gave it out and then when the guy actually responds they just ignore..


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  • "Randomly approached a 9"

    There's your problem, stop trying to be a player and you'll make some progress.

    • how will not approaching girls a.k.a doing nothing get me a worthy girlfriend? Where has it gotten you?

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    • 3.Not really. That could be the overthinking it version or thinking the worst. I do this with eeryone I meet guy or girl just because I like to swap numbers as opposed to just getting or giving one number.

      4. Well it depends on your definition of hit on and what guys actually do. There are so many girls out there and note very single one gets hit on a lot maybe one in 3 or one in 5.

    • As I said, you're not getting the results you want so it's time to change up what you do. It seems you're too closed minded to even try it, so unless there's anything else you want advice on I've got nothing left to offer.

      Good luck.