Did I screw up with this girl I like?

Back-story; there's this girl I like that always texts me first and actually engages me in conversation. I think she likes me, but anyway, she hadn't been texting me for several days so I texted her... I talk to my friend about her and this kid basically sold me out lol. Does she still like me?

Me: Hi stranger... :)

Her: Me? Stranger? Never lol

Me: So what's up? How was your birthday?

Her: Yeah it was okay :) pretty calm lol, but by the way why are you texting me, I thought you said it was 'awkward' to text me?

Me: What? Lol

Her: Yeah... You said you think it's awkward to text me.

Me: Lol... Ummm I don't think I did. But gee maybe this is why. -_______-

Her: You did, a birdie told me lol. But uhm okay... Lol so how has this week been for you?

Me: Wait what? Wowwwww what a *expletive*

Me: Lol but it was good... and I said that after these recent short convos we've been having... lol what a moron...

Her: So you have. Ohhh John, lol you don't have to lie but I understand. But surprisingly, the feeling wasn't mutual, but it's nice to know how you really feel! lol have you studied for exams?

Me: Ana stop lol. You're one of the few girls I know who can actually keep up a conversation. And... nvm lol. But Nah, I've been doing well one most of my exams though.


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  • Bro, you didn't screw it up, it's just kind of an awkward situation, isn't it? :) Mention it as a joke once or twice and all is cool, just try to make a move, you've been texting each other for weeks it seems. Just do it. lol


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  • Make a move. You won't know unless you do. Ask her for dinner or something.

    The thing is you don't really have much to lose. You like her, so really there is no friendship because there are feelings there. You don't just want to be her buddy. You want to date her. So try to make it happen :).

  • shes probably just a little nervous that she knows you lke her give her some time and if she likes you shell come around


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