How much time should you give someone who asks for more time?

I dated someone for three months. He said he wanted to be friends after three months and then all of a sudden wanted me to meet his best friend. We hung out for four days in a row and he ended up acting more like a boyfriend than just friends. When I questioned him about it, he said all he wanted was me to be with him. He said he needed time because he had to go slow. He was in a relationship for a year and a half that ended badly. He said I was nothing like his ex, but he needed time so he didn't botch whatever we are. I didn't ask him how much time he needed. We haven't really talked in about a week and a half. So, how much time should I give him? Or should I just talk to him again?


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  • I think you should send him a text just to say hi and how you are doing? Maybe he needs time to heal from his ex. I think you can still hang out with him if you want and try not to pressure him into a relationship with you because that might scare him away.


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