Why would he try to be with me if he's not over his ex?

My friend and I were kinda seeing each other for a bit. We have a lot in common and lots of similar interests. Over the Xmas break he didn't text me once and has barely talked to me since we got back to school. My friend said she talked to him and is pretty sure something bad happened over the break, having to do with his ex. Why would he try to start something with me in the first place if he wasn't over her? Why couldn't he just admit that instead of leading me on thinking he wanted to be with me?


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  • 1 Word girly, Rebound. That is how to get our minds off our ex's, ever person does it to some extent or another. Some do it differently, but this is a common way to "get over them".

    Its not really something people do intentionally either (not always).

    He is more than likely confused, I wouldn't mess with any chick if she wasn't over the past.


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  • I suppose you need to find out what happend you should'nt jump to conclusions yet. Now if he's really not over her and you're sure of that then he should have dealt with it better then he did.

    He shouldn't avoid you he should be talking to you and try to deal with things with you by his side.

  • rebound revenge girl

    • they've been broken up for almost a year though..

    • belated rebound revenge girl

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