Why is it that her friends started greeting me?

OK that may be a stupid question but I'm new to the dating world so yeah that's it. Anyway there is this girl that seem to look at me quite often in my class sometimes from the corner of the eye. We've talked on occasions but not really often. Now out of a sudden one of her friends started to greet me but she doesn't. And I find that quite unusual. Anyone can explain why is this happening?


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  • The other two girls sound right. She's probably been talking to her friends about you, maybe she's too shy to come up and talk to you. They say hi to you to tease her, possibly, because they want her to talk with you.

    Just greet them back and don't worry about it, maybe start greeting Her if you don't already. Things will fall into place eventually.

    • Yeah, but when they said Hi to me, (they started today) she wasn't with them

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    • Oh yeah, definitely sounds like they're talking about you. Judging by her facial expression, that can be good or bad.

    • Yeah, I know but I think its good since that girl looks at me a lot, her friends greet me and on the rare occasions that I talk to her, she has that beautiful smile on her face :) I know I should talk to her more

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  • She likes you, in some way or other. Her friends wouldn't know about you unless she's been talking to them about you. She's probably too shy to approach you or say anything. If you're interested in her, ask her out for coffee or something subtle like that.

    • Thanks for the answer :)

  • the only thing I can think is that she is telling her friends about you and her friends are more outgoing then she is so they are saying hello.

    • Thanks for the answet :)

    • no problem! good luck!

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